"The Comfort Zone" - November 2020 Exhibition at Studio Dreamshare in Downtown Pembroke

“The Comfort Zone”


Artist Statement

"Influenced by surroundings, my mosaic work focuses largely on beauty and movement in nature, often with a touch of whimsy. The electric colours of spring, the vibrancy of summer and rich hues of autumn moving into the sparkling ice of winter provide an endless palette for creations in mosaic.  Each piece may include stained glass, smalti, shells, mirror, upcycled china, stones, jewels, found objects, driftwood and hand painted papers. 

Working in Canada and living abroad I have been struck by the differences in light and colour.  This has been reflected in my work since I began using glass over 25 years ago.  Living in the Ottawa Valley on a lake is a gift.  I spend hours exploring and treasure hunting on our property and along the Ottawa River and now defunct railway, gathering pieces to use – the mystery of these finds becomes part of my mosaic story."

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