Traditional Recipes of the Ottawa Valley - Call for Submissions


It is with great love that we are collecting these recipes: our cultural heritage mapped out in food Valley folk share in kitchens, at home, at the cottage, and at the holiday table surrounded by friends and family.  Let these dear recipes live on for many years to come! It is our hope that this book of recipes brings back memories and helps to create new ones.

We've had some interesting contributions, from Valley Squares to the notorious Schmidt Onions to the Hunt Camp Special, and we are looking for more.  Do you know an elder with a great old recipe to share? Get in touch!  Let's keep the memories alive.  We are also looking for great old pictures of dinners past.

You can email us your recipe and its story (, or we are happy to pop over and film you telling the tale!

With Valley love & pride,

Studio Dreamshare Press


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