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Winter dressed in a particularly splendid radiance
The crisp crimson morning was a good one
I spied Lou Gagne the local photographer shooting off the island bridge
As the sun peeked over the ice river
Reflecting a red sky.
As I drive home from work
I am startled by a glowing peach sun
With a fuzzy pale blue halo
Suspended in shades of lightest blue and grey over Lake Dore.
And as I return over the bridge between
L'isle aux Allumettes
And Chichester
Comforting shades of purples
Where river meets sky
Bathe the world in burgundy splendor.
Empyrean skies have me feeling poetic
I can't help myself
The moon is a perfect silver C
Like a child's drawing
Of a friendly night
And as I crunch up the path to the homestead door, the heavens
Are robed in bluest velvet.
Goodnight 😊

Cottage core Vibes